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Rotary System Solutions: Engineering, Build, & Testing

At Bernal, we’re dedicated to cultivating our truly world-class R&D Proof of Concept program. We provide rotary system solutions that include developmental and proof of principle engineering, build, and testing. We’ve proven ourselves time and again as leaders in the field, providing concepts and testing of unique die cutting, converting, and assembly processes by developing innovative equipment and tooling configurations.

The wealth of experience we’ve gained over the decades positions us to quickly and effectively combine innovations and solutions from our various successful projects with the specific needs of the project at hand. Frequently the end result of our work is patentable and offers our customers long-term innovation and competitive advantages in their markets. We also offer a wide array of proven, turn-key systems that we’ll customize to a greater or lesser extent depending on your singular needs and goals.

New and unique products are some of our favorites to work with, as these items require innovative solutions in order to be produced cost-effectively. Bernal’s lengthy experience in this arena allows us to draw upon concepts and solutions from across many industries. Our broad knowledge base allows us to provide you with entirely new systems never before thought possible, giving you a competitive edge. We’ve done this very thing for Fortune 500 companies, startups, and we’d love to do this with you, too!

We are successful precisely because of our aptitude for increasing speed, decreasing complexity, simplifying processes and adding the capability to existing equipment. Where possible we develop non stop continuous motion workflows to replace inefficient start/stop indexing equipment greatly improving production output. Bernal has all of the technology, insight, and experience needed to serve as your R&D department, and we’re happy to put our creativity and proven record of success to work for you.

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Flexible vs. Solid Rotary Dies. What’s the Difference?

There are two types of rotary dies: flexible and solid. Rotary die cutting involves either a flexible or solid rotary die. These dies are both cylindrical dies. A flexible die is made of a thin sheet of steel, and wraps around a magnetic cylinder. A solid die is a solid steel cylinder, and is traditionally used in more long run applications for extended die life. Bernal develops solid rotary dies for converting and product manufacturing applications throughout many industry sectors.

Improve Creasing Quality and Speed

Creasing is an operation which facilitates the folding operation. During this process, the paperboard is weakened along well defined folding lines, which then act as hinges for folding packaging and graphical products. Without creasing the surface, plies...

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7 Reasons to Use Bernal RP Dies

Bernal RP® rotary dies represent a breakthrough technology in the folding carton industry for solid rotary tooling. These dies provide significantly longer die life over conventional rotary dies while maintaining cutting quality and minimizing waste by...

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7 Reasons To Use Crush Cut Dies

Bernal invented the solid hardened rotary die in the late 1960s by creating a wedge-type cutting edge on a solid cylinder through the use of EDM (electric discharge machining). Our proprietary process allows us to precisely manufacture dies, thereby...

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