Cotton Swab Machine, Gauze Swab Machine, Iodine Swab Machine

This is a High-Speed Rotary Converting System to manufacture non-woven wipes in a sealed package filled with alcohol, iodine or other liquids for the medical/cosmetic industries. The system will include non-woven unwinds feed stations, slitting stations and folding stations.  The sealed package will be made of an upper and lower web that is heat sealed at the time the non-woven is inserted and the liquid is precisely injected.  The sealed product in pouches will go through slitters and a sheeter to cut them into their final shapes.  The completed and filled packages will be conveyed away from the final die cutter to other vendor supplied cartoning/packaging equipment. The package can be pre-printed or printed inline.


Folded non-woven pad in individually wrapped and sealed printed pouches.

  • Alcohol
  • Iodine
  • Cotton
  • Gauzes
  • Perfumes
  • Any liquids


  • Pad length tolerance +/-.06"
  • Print-to-cut +/- .06"
  • Pad to pouch center +/- .06"
  • Machine components to withstand both alcohol and iodine
  • 2650 parts per minute continuous operational speed
  • 3000 parts per minute maximum mechanical speed
  • Pouch width (cross web direction) 1.6 inches
  • Pouch length (web direction) 1.7 inches
  • Pad length is 1.2 inches
  • Printing to be on the top of the pouch as it exits the final die.

CONFIGURATION: 22”  Swab Machine consisting of the following:

  • Constant Tension Non-Woven Unwind
  • Non-Woven slitting and feed stations
  • Non-Woven Infeed
  • Non-Woven Slitting/Scoring Station
  • Folding Station
  • Pad Cutting Station w/ vacuum transfer
  • Constant Tension Bottom Film Unwind
  • Bottom Film Turn Bar Section
  • swabmachine3Bottom Film Pull Rolls
  • Liquid Fill Station
  • Constant Tension Top Film Unwind
  • Top Film Turn Bar Section
  • Top Film Pull Rolls
  • Chill / feed station
  • Product Perf and Slit Station
  • Final Die Cut (Sheeter) Station
  • Machine base and mechanical drive components
  • Servo Motor Drive and Control System
  • Flexo Printer
  • Design and Controls Engineering Package

Note: Versions of this system could fold and cut materials other than non-woven and insert them into a sealable packet with or without the injection of a liquid.

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