RP® Rotary Dies

Our Bernal RP® rotary dies represent a breakthrough technology in the folding carton industry for solid rotary tooling since the mid-1980’s. These dies provide significantly longer die life than conventional rotary dies while maintaining like-new cutting quality and minimizing waste by using shearing blades on both the upper and lower dies.

The unique shearing action of our RP® dies assures the best cut quality and the longest die life when cutting materials suitable for this cutting process. We offer a wide variety of RP® die options, with various steel alloys and hardening techniques, in designs with and without journals. High wear areas can be fully segmented for quick and easy maintenance in between full servicing intervals. Whatever your needs, we have a die priced to generate the lowest cost-per-thousand for the most carton volumes across the industry.

RP®: Allowing You to Focus on What Matters

All of our RP® dies feature consistently strong blade design and long-life, meaning your technicians can focus on the important work of maintaining an entire rotary cutting machine, instead of worrying about when the die is going to need sharpening again.


Bernal’s RP® dies provide consistently excellent results because we guarantee:

  • Cleanliness of cut
  • Durability
  • Burr-free cutting
  • Low operator maintenance
  • High-speed operation
  • In-die scrap stripping
  • Perfect creasing, scoring, and embossing

Crossover Technology — How We Ensure the Cleanest Cut

Our unique and proprietary technology allows us to place all of the upper cutting edges of a rotary die on one side of the cut, across and around the die unit. Doing this allows us to move the upper and lower cutting edges closer together, ensuring a cleaner cut. We gain extraordinary precision by engineering a side position adjustment for blades running around the die, and rotational position adjustments for blades running across the die. Ultimately, this results in a vastly increased die life while also giving you more control over the most precise die adjustments.

Cleanliness of Cut

By using shearing blades, we eliminate the need for metal-to-metal contact between the upper and lower dies, preserving the sharpness and integrity of the blades while eliminating chaff, slivers, and ragged cuts. By making simple side and rotational adjustments, Bernal can maintain the consistency and precision of the die throughout its lifecycle, avoiding the steady degradation of crush-cut type dies.


Ideal materials for this type of die cutting include a wide variety of high-density materials, including highly abrasive media. The ability to change RP® dies in their modules in a matter of minutes maximizes productivity by minimizing downtime during changeover, increasing line capacity and resulting in the lowest possible cost-per-thousand in the industry.

Typical Products Suitable for RP® Rotary Dies

  • Gable top packaging
  • Aseptic packaging & pouches
  • Beverage carriers
  • Frozen food cartons
  • Paper cups
  • Cereal cartons
  • Overnight mailer envelopes
  • Cigarette cartons
  • Liquor cartons
  • Fast food cartons
  • General folding cartons
  • and many more…

Our RP® Rotary Die Specifications

  • 10 to 500 million revolutions before sharpening
  • Solid, Partially or Fully Segmented Construction
  • Cuts material thickness up to .125″ (3.175mm)
  • Die diameter range: 3″ to 30″ (76.2mm to 762.0mm)
  • Lowest cost-per-thousand in most volumes
  • Web width of 1″ to 110″ (25mm to 2794mm)
  • Able to withstand multiple sharpenings over the course of the die life
  • Suitable materials: paperboard, high-density plastics, masonite, corrugated, recycled board, coated boards

Bernal Dies can do some amazing things.



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