High Speed Finger Bandage Manufacturing System

The Bernal High Speed Finger Bandage Manufacturing System is designed to produce a variety of finger bandages as small as 3/4 inch.  The system is designed to produce bandages at speeds up to 3000 bandages per minute at the 3/4 inch size.

This stand alone system will perform print to cut operations, release liner assembly, pad wrapping, pad cutting, pad placement, bandage rotary die cutting, wrapper lamination and perforation and product rewind.  The system does not perform adhesive web perforation or adhesive web printing.  Both of these operations are done to the material off-line.

This system is a heavy duty production design of modular stations mounted to stress relieved weldments, driven by multiple digital servo motor drives. The multi-axis motion control system allows user friendly software changes to facilitate quick changeovers from one product to another.

Bernal’s finger bandage system is a versatile production capable of producing a range of product shapes and sizes in many cases with minimal changeover. Product changeovers can be as simple as a program and die change. More complex bandage changeovers may require a pad die change and machine component part changes.  Partner with Bernal, when only the best will do!


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