Rotary System Solutions - Engineering, Build & Testing

Bernal Engineering can provide rotary system solutions that include developmental and proof of principle engineering, build and testing. Bernal has a history of solving unique die cutting, converting and assembly problems by developing new equipment and tooling configurations.  This is typically accomplished by combining innovation,  new ideas and solutions used in other industries with customer concepts and input. Frequently the end result may be patentable and offer our customers long term innovation and competitive advantages in their markets. Mature products frequently can be produced on standard equipment.

Rotary System Solutions - Engineering, Build & Testing

New or unique products benefit from or need developmental efforts to allow them to be produced cost effectively. Bernal’s special machine experience has over time developed a vast array of converting knowledge across industry lines. This broad knowledge base may allow us to be the missing component of a basic idea or concept you have that would give you a competitive advantage in your market. Bernal has done this for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-up companies.


Bernal has been successful in previous developmental projects by, increasing speed, decreasing complexity, simplifying processes, operating at speeds and temperatures beyond industry standards, combining multiple operations, adding capability to existing equipment and improving efficiency by going from indexing motions to continuous motions to name but a few. Bernal can become your R&D department and put our technical experience and creativity at your disposal.

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