Folding Carton Systems

Bernal offers state-of-the-art designs for unwinds, prefeeds, decurls, cutter infeeds, rotary modules, skew belts, shingle deliveries, fan-wheel stackers, and receding pile stackers. Bernal supplies total converting systems, beginning with our world class highly regarded rotary dies and modules. We take full responsibility for your entire project, from design and manufacture through service and ongoing customer support. This includes working with you on new carton applications for the future. Bernal folding carton systems assure you of achieving the highest speeds and efficiencies possible today.

Our many standard designs let us configure the right system for your specific press, whether it is flexographic, gravure or offset. Bernal's performance has been proven in hundreds of installations worldwide.


  • foldingcartonSpeeds up to 1500 FPM (457 mpm)
  • Widths from 15 to 60 inches (38 to 152 cm)
  • Registration accuracies to .005” (.013 cm)
  • 10 minute changeovers
  • 90% + efficiencies
  • Maximum die life module designs
  • Carton repeats from 3 to 60 inches (76.2 to 1,524mm
  • Fastest changeovers in the industry
  • Highest speeds
  • Reduced scrap rates
  • Increased press capacity
  • Lowest cost-per-thousand
  • Expert die maintenance, repair and service

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